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Elimin-8 your kids’ mess, not the fun

As with pets, kids can be a messy bunch. And smelly. Once you earn your right of passage into parenthood, you soon realise that you will be expected to sniff another human’s bum – in public – and it will be totally acceptable behaviour. You soon learn that you will be expected to clean things that no human being should be expected to clean – and you do it because you love your kids.

Along with all the other awesome privileges parents get – like unlimited hugs and kisses, gummy smiles and days filled with laughter and playing, kids also come packaged with some not so pleasant features. I’m talking about permanently sticky body parts, black little feet all over your couches, meals eaten (and spread) all over the dining room and then – inevitably – leaky and exploding nappies and 2am I-puked-in-my-bed scenarios. Because let’s face it, accidents happen. They happen in kids’ car chairs, beds, on carpets, floors and couches. And as much as we try to clean these items, they’re never quite the same again, especially where urine, vomit or poo-poo (it is what it is) is concerned.

Enter ELIMIN-8 by KleenHealth South Africa. A product that does exactly what it says it would – eliminate. ELIMIN-8 has been specially formulated to be first time effective because it is a residual anti-microbial and it attaches itself to the source of the odour and kills it completely. ELIMIN-8 is neither a pairing agent, nor a masking agent, and this is the secret of the product’s success.

Apart from being used by parents to clean up after their kids in the most gentle and non-invasive way possible (it smells like lavender), ELIMIN-8 is often used by carpet and upholstery cleaners to treat odours and bacteria relating to urine of humans including bed wetting and incontinence. It removes mal-odours and works extremely effectively, lasting a long, long time.

The benefits of ELMINI-8 include:

– Eliminates bacteria and urine odour related to incontinence accidents.
– Anti allergenic, anti bacterial and anti odour.
– Apply to rest zones (mattresses, carpets, couches etc).
– Use in motor vehicle.
– Use on clothing.
– Ideal for sports bags and gym wear.
– It is suitable for cleaning perspiration odours, faeces and vomit.
– You spray it onto the surface, and not into the air.

ELIMIN-8 is especially suited for little people who are generally more sensitive to smells and chemicals, and the product is 100% human safe and earth safe, making it ideally suited to people with asthma, allergies, eczema, and psoriasis.

KleenHealth South Africa have also put together an ELIMIN-8 Baby Care Kit, which will make cleaning after your little ones a breeze and in turn give you peace of mind that all their living areas and rest zones are squeaky clean and free of any harmful bacteria.

For more information on the ELIMIN-8 Baby Care Kit, or to get information on KleenHealth’s full range of products, please visit www.kleenhealth.co.za or send an email to info@kleenhealth.co.z

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