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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mozzi range safe to use?

Yes – the Mozzi product range is biodegradable and non-toxic making it user and environmentally friendly with no side effects as it does NOT emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

How does Mozzi work?

Mozzi neutralizes mosquito sensors and therefore prevents mosquitoes from landing. If a mosquito cannot land, it cannot have blood meal thereby preventing the transfer of diseases. Mozzi provides non-invasive protection against mosquitoes carrying Malaria, Yellow Fever and Dengue Fever.

What does non - invasive mean?

Because you do not spray a poison onto your skin or burn a toxic substance, with Mozzi you simply spray the Mozzi onto walls, furniture, textiles, bedding and leave dry.

Mozzi Soak & Dry: Simply soak your clothes and linen in a formula that repels mosquitoes when dry. You can wash your clothing and linen several times before treatment is necessary.

Please ensure that you are using the specific Mozzi for the specific application as each product ihas been formulated for certain items. Refer to packaging for best results.

How long does Mozzi Soak & Dry Solution last for?

The Mozzi Soak & Dry Solution protects people’s clothing for many washes. Please be sure that you follow to ensure ultimate protection.e instructions on the packet

What is the difference between the Surface Sprays and the Textile Sprays?

The Surface Sprays are sprayed directly onto walls, ceilings, tables etc… Whereas the Textile Sprays are applied to sheets, beddings, curtains etc… Please refer to packaging for best results.

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