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Get your Pet-X Kits Today

In this day and age we live in, there are literally thousands of products available on the market that promise to make our lives perfect. Red wine on a white carpet? No problem. Grease smears on your cashmere? Not an issue. What about wax crayons on your walls? Muddy paw prints on your sofas? Sticky hand prints all over your TV? Consider it done! But when it comes to trickier subjects, like pet odours (in particular pet urine), manufacturers are much less inclined to comment and commit. Because this is a tricky one. Well, for some…

Introducing Pet-X, a revolutionary product by South African company, KleenHealth South Africa. Pet-X is truly unique in its application and composition, and it will change the way you care for your pets – and clean up after them – dramatically. It is earth safe as well as human safe, meaning you and your pets don’t have to fear inhaling or ingesting any toxins.

Pet-X, which includes revolutionary multi-functional anti-microbial nanotechnology, immediately neutralises odours. It even goes a step further by killing potentially dangerous bacteria to ensure the health of humans and pets. This advanced surface treatment also won’t aggravate human allergies like allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and eczema. What’s more, Pet-X has been formulated with active ingredients to eliminate the very real risk of pets ‘visiting’ soiled areas repeatedly (and thus intensifying odours), making it invaluable for toilet training and preventing stains.

Pet-X is available in a handy 125ml or 375ml spray bottle, or 5 litres if you want to buy it for your pet hospice or veterinary clinic. KleenHealth have also put together amazing Pet-X Kits to ensure that all your Pet-X products are kept in one spot, which makes it especially easy to reach and easy to use should an accident occur. These kits include:

– Healthy Bed aerosol 250ml (protect your pets bed against bugs)

– Pet-X 375ml (removes urine stains, bacterias and odours)

– Anti-Mould 100ml (perfect for removal and prevention of mould growth in showers etc)

– Spot-X 100ml (spot & stain treatment for textiles)

– Micro Fiber Cloth

For more information, please visit www.kleenhealth.co.za or send an email toinfo@kleenhealth.co.za.

Get your Pet-X cleaning kits today and spend time with your pets for reasonsother than just cleaning.

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