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Key Facts


The Key Facts Millions of people suffer from allergies, skin irritations, asthma or other respiratory diseases.

Medical research has shown that dust mites are a major cause of these complaints. It has long been known that dust mites live in mattresses, sofas, +carpets and all the synthetic and natural fibres with which we surround ourselves, but no one has known how to eradicate them.

The Nanotechnology scientists have researched the relationship between various allergies and house dust mites faeces. The results are shocking. The Nanotechnology scientists have uncovered a link between the moulds and fungi that form in soft furnishings, and the house dust mite which causes allergic reactions such as asthma. Mould and fungal microbes are a major food source for the house dust mite.

The Nanotechnology scientists have worked to develop a product that will effectively inhibit the house dust mite by wiping out its food supply.

The Nanotechnology is a revolutionary anti-microbial product that can be formulated into various finishes.

The Nanotechnology scientists have developed a multi – function anti -microbial product which simultaneously works to inhibit a broad spectrum of bacteria, mosquitos, moulds and house dust mites. The hygiene and safety of a wide range of everyday items can be protected by the application of The Nanotechnology.

The Nanotechnology attacks mite populations in two ways: by acting as a contact repellent, forcing mites to move away from treated areas, and by inhibiting the growth of natural food sources such as yeast, mould and bacteria.