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Elimin-8 – 100ml


Elimin-8 Elimin-8 has been specially formulated to be first time effective because it is a residual anti microbial and is attaches itself to the source of the odour and kills it completely, it is neither a pairing agent nor a masking agent.



Why by this product?

Used by carpet and upholstery cleaners to treat odours and bacteria relating to urine of human including bed wetting and incontinence, it removes mal odours and works extremely effectively, lasting a long, long time. Removes germs that cause the odours, moulds and spores. Treat the affected environment to provide protection against bacteria and microbes that can trigger asthma and allergies. Enjoy an odour free environment Protect your bathrooms.



Fresh smelling toilet, beds, carpets all year round. Controls the proliferation of bacteria Reduces odours and smells created by bacteria Incontinence. Perspiration odours. Remove Vomit odours. Removes Faeces odours.



The Nanotechnology additive is independently tested & proven Ready to use – Easy & safe to apply Ideally suited to lounge suites, leather, mattresses and drapes this is this is said by the cleaner to the consumer to maintain the carpet until the next clean. Suitable for most fabrics and hard surfaces. Long lasting protection Lavender fragrance



Inhibits the bacteria that cause offensive odours at their source. Eliminates odour and associated bacteria



Spray onto surface – Not an Air Freshener Use on the seats (not leather), the carpet and roof fining. Turn on the air-con system to recycle mode, spray the areas fisted above., close the cabin and run the air-con for 15 minutes with windows closed and no humans or pets inside. Air by opening doors and windows. For use in you car, home- fabrics, upholstery, drapes, etc.

Additional information

Additional information

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Dimensions 30 x 30 x 30 cm

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